World's Largest Gau Shala

Cow and Scriptures

Cows are the path to heaven, they are worshipable even in heaven. Cows grant a desirable objects, therefore there is nothing superior to the cows

Gau Mata mein Samasth Devi Devta Ka Vas Hai

Gau Mata mein Samasth Devi Devta Ka Vas Hai

Oh Bharata, a person devoted to cows attains whatever he desires. Women also who aredevoted to cows get their wish fulfilled. A person desiring son gets a son, one desiringdaughter gets daughter, one desiring wealth gets wealth, one desiring religion attains religion, a student gets education and one desiring happiness gets happiness. There is nothing unachievable for a servant of cow.

Gau Mata

Gau Mata - Vishwa Mata

The Brahma Vidya, which grants supreme bliss is compared to the Sun. Similarly the firmament, can be compared with an ocean and earth to Indra but the cow, which does unlimited welfare to hunamy, cannot be compared to anything cow is without any comparison. Indeed there is no other being like a cow, which does welfare to human beings.


Comments on: "Gau Mata Aur Shashtra – Cow and Scriptures" (4)

  1. Gau Mata ish vishwa ki mata hai Aur uski raksha karna hamara sarva pratham kartavya hai

  2. Radhika said:

    If someone gets ebook of Dhenu Manas please send it to me. I want to worship cow.

  3. Gau Mata mein Samasth Devi Devta Ka Vas Hai

  4. Sachin kh said:

    Jai Gau mata ye sandesh swarg se ayaa haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and send to all people in world……..and make a strict law against gau kashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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